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Vibrant World Of Rainforests

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Original painting; 100cm x 100cm; oil and water based paints, pigments.

One and only version of this artwork. Exists nowhere else, not on this or any other support, not in this or any other size. It’ll be yours to enjoy. Forever.

Step into the lush, vibrant world of rainforests! These kaleidoscopic wonderlands are a wild part of our planet's beauty regime, offering a plush home and delicious bites to countless species of flora and fauna. But hold onto your hats, because things aren't all sunshine and rainbows (well, rainforests don't need too much more rain). Since the start of the industrial era, two-thirds of the world's rainforests have vanished like a sneaky magician's disappearing act! Timber, mineral extraction, and agriculture are all guilty culprits. And sadly, many of the species that remain are living in poverty and facing an uncertain future. We may be on the brink of a dire tipping point, where 95% (yikes!) or more of all current life on Earth could vanish. ~It's a serious situation,~ but hey, lighten the mood and take a gander at this beauty! Feast your eyes on an original, one-of-a-kind painting created with oil and water-based paints as well as sand. Measuring 100*100cm2, it's sure to be a stunning conversation starter. Psst, fun fact: the hotter the Earth gets, the more water evaporates from the ground. Which means, brace yourselves, some rainforests and jungles might wither away.

Marios Heart-Art paintings are a constant reminder of how precious life is on this planet Earth. Marios Heart Art original paintings’ main endeavor is to activate a spontaneous awakening to the deep heartfelt realization of the absolute uniqueness and splendor of planet Earth. In that sense, Heart Art original paintings need to be seen as an important tool of the artist as environmental activist. 

As a reminder, Heart Art fully adhere to green or eco friendly practices, whether it comes to producing, packaging or delivering my paintings to you. I use synthetically created heavy metal free pigments  when available, packaging of paintings using recyclable materials, shipping of paintings using zero emission, electric vehicles wherever available. 

Vibrant World Of Rainforests - Heart Art Original
€1.199,00 €1.299,00

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