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Mission Statement

Heart Art’s mission is:

- to make Art from the heart. Heart Art is environment art; Heart Art doesn’t distinguish between us humans and it ( the environment): we are part of it, we contain it as much as it contains us, and is a part of us. Each Heart Art painting you buy here is a unique, original work of art, which means it is one-of-a-kind; you will not find it anywhere else, ever. Heart Art paintings remind the viewer to engage with the heart brain, not the mind brain. We don’t look at our environment as if it were separate, but understand that it is a part of us and vice versa. 

- to make Art as a form of art activism. 
Art activism is an energy, a form of movement whose aim is to raise awareness among the sometimes willfully ‘blind’ concerning the harms done to environment by mankind, blatantly ignorant of and ignoring the fact that both are one and the same thing. I- my art- then become(s) a tool to perform art activism, or artivism.

Furthermore, Heart Art is also

- a guarantee that during production maximum possible use is made of naturally abundant and none-polluting materials such as sand* and clay. With regard to paint, natural pigments are preferred; however, some carry the burden of heavy metal toxicity for the artist, so that in this case synthetic pigments are preferable.

*due to over exploitation of natural resources, even sand is nowadays to be considered in short supply.

- a guarantee that your original will receive maximum care and protected during delivery to the address specified by the buyer, and that materials used to care for and protect the painting will be recyclable materials.

- a guarantee that your original Heart Art painting will be delivered to free of charge and using a zero emissions vehicle.* ( bike or car)


Heart Art finds life balance in :

- being SLOW (as in the opposite of fast, you read correctly)

I really enjoy every moment of being in the moment. So, for me, being slow isn’t just a trendy movement; it’s really something that’s always been in me, but then was “forgotten” for many years for reasons too complex to go into right now.
I’m also slow when I’m delivering a painting to a client, whether by e-cargo bike or electric vehicle. There are at least two advantages to driving slowly: one is to preserve battery time (and hence, nature) and the other is to maximize care for the painting.

- remaining SMALL

Small, in our consumption of pigments, sand and other raw materials used to produce these paintings, thereby acknowledging the fact that there are only limited resources on this planet. That’s why I source products that are made to a maximum extent possible from recycled or bio degradable materials. Finding bio degradable oil and acrylic paints is a challenge because of the size and monopoly of the producing companies.

- **selling and delivering LOCALLY

As with food choices, selecting where I deliver my Heart Art is very important because those choices have a direct impact on the amount of emissions I generate. While technologies and new regulations come online, delivering with zero carbon emissions can only be done within a limited range from where Heart Art paintings are produced, ie. my home. This translates into practice like this: Heart Art delivers to any of the Brussels communes and outside of Brussels (within 75 km of the outer periphery of Brussels) using electric vehicles. 

 What about the future?  

In the near future, I may likely consider one or the other carbon offset scheme for distance beyond those 75km from outer Brussels periphery. 

I believe in a world where mutually beneficial interactions, associations, partnerships, ranging from the purely pragmatic one-off to symbiotic can’t survive without the other’s input between all members of this Earth party called Living Life. I believe we as humans have major contributions to make in terms of re establishing a more heart focused, kinder way of dealing with each other and towards the Earth’s other inhabitants.

I see my website as an efficient means to make my views more widely known, especially those related to human interactions with the Environment. Here Environment includes us humans and other species from both flora and fauna. 

I would like to share my view with regard to the critical importance of consuming and producing less; by less I mean smaller quantities, and more intelligently. To consume and produce intelligently means to do so in line with the reality of what is there and the authentic sensation of what is good for us. That may be defined differently by different people, but I do not consider consuming above and beyond what a planet has to give one of the routes leading towards a happy balance for all.
It’s time it became an integral part of human wisdom to understand that there is - really- but one way to engage sustainably with Earth, and that is to cooperate with and respect Mother Earth.

 * the electricity used to propel electric bicycles or cars may not be totally fossil free depending on the means used to produce this electricity (nuclear power plant, coal plant, natural gas plant, solar, wind, hydro).

** locally, here, means ‘any of the Brussels communes and outside of Brussels (within 75 km (or the range of the electric car, whichever is bigger) of the outer periphery of Brussels.