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Show Love to Planet Earth

€890,00 €990,00
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This original Marios Heart Art painting measures 80cm * 80cm and is made from oil and water based paints, sand and pigments.

One and only version of this artwork. Exists nowhere else, not on this or any other support, not in this or any other size. So much is certain. Forever. 

Hey there friend! Listen up because I have some important news to share. Our oceans are in danger, and it's not just about the sea creatures that we love so much. It's about us too! The water is contaminated and global warming is no longer some far-fetched idea - it's a REALITY! But don't you worry, we can still turn this around, and it starts with us! Let's go back to basics and connect with the environment. We need to put our hearts and souls into it, not just our minds. We need to show some love to the planet that has given us and countless other species the beautiful gift of life! In fact, I have just the thing to inspire you! Feast your eyes on this gorgeous 70x70cm original painting. It's made with dry pigments, water-based and oil-based colors, and even sand. Trust me, it's a masterpiece that will remind you of the beauty that our world can offer. So let's start making a change today, shall we?

Marios Heart-Art paintings are a constant reminder of how precious life is on this planet Earth. Marios Heart Art original paintings’ main endeavor is to activate a spontaneous awakening to the deep heartfelt realization of the absolute uniqueness and splendor of planet Earth. In that sense, Heart Art original paintings need to be seen as an important tool of the artist as environmental activist. 

As a reminder, Heart Art fully adhere to green or eco friendly practices, whether it comes to producing, packaging or delivering my paintings to you. I use synthetically created heavy metal free pigments  when available, packaging of paintings using recyclable materials, shipping of paintings using zero emission, electric vehicles wherever available. 

Show Love To Planet Earth - HEART Art Original
€890,00 €990,00

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