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Resisting Positive Change?

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This original and unique painting measures 100x100cm and was made using dry pigments, wood, oil and water based paints.

One and only version of this artwork. Exists nowhere else, not on this or any other support, not in this or any other size. So much is certain.. Open your heart to the exquisite natural beauty of the blue planet 

Marios Heart-Art original paintings remind us of how precious life is on this planet Earth and that there is no planet B. Humans are one among many species here on the blue planet competing for resources, co existing, sharing, associating and cooperating with each other survive and thrive. 

 Connecting across lands and seas and in every direction. The blue in this painting is so stunningly blue; or should i say the blues are stunningly blue. Since they come in so many shades, looking at this painting really reminds me of the different depths in our oceans. And very unfortunately, nowadays, my thoughts of deep blue ocean seas then inevitably led me to the vision of how polluted we humans have let our beautiful seas, lakes and rivers become. Not only direct pollution needs to be accounted for, such as oil spills, throwing garbage over board or sewage pipes being fed directly into coastal waters, but also indirect pollution through the absorption of anthropogenic CO2 by the seas, which as a result become more acidified. Obviously, you can’t see this in my painting, but it should stand as a reminder of the grandeurs of nature which we stand to lose by resisting positive change. Global warming has led to an increase in water temperature, with less oxygen and more CO2 than before, which is leading to the extinction of some species while others flourish.?

As a reminder, I fully adhere to green or eco friendly practices, whether it comes to producing, packaging or delivering my paintings to you. Use of synthetically created pigments when available; packaging of pantings using recyclable materials; shipping of paintings using zero emission, electric vehicles. 

Marios Heart Art original paintings’ main endeavor is to activate a spontaneous
awakening to the deep heartfelt impulse realization that this planet is our only home and that continuing our consumption and extraction tendencies will not only damage the Earth but also spell the end for mankind. Heart Art original paintings need to be seen as an essential tool of the art activist.


Resisting Positive Change? - Heart Art Original

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