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In The Beginning, there Was Hot Magma

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This Original Marios Heart Art painting measures 50cm * 50cm. This painting exists nowhere else, not on this or any other support, not in this or any other size. Forever. 

Marios Heart Art paintings are a constant reminder of how precious life is on this planet Earth. Humans are one among many species competing for resources, co existing and helping each other survive and thrive. 
For planet Earth to have become the way it is today, perfectly suited to life as we have come to know it, with continents more or less stable in their current positions, oceans covering a large part of the planet’s surface, and countless species from the animal, fauna and flora realms inhabiting every corner of this place which has been the home of mankind for the last 200.000 years, there had to be many intermediate phases: in the beginning, just after the Big Bang 4,6 billion years in the past, there was just hot molten magma; then came a series of chain events bringing about the formation of this place called Earth, and even then, things were to remain rather messy for some hundreds of millions of years more. This period consisted mainly of Earth colliding with and being impacted by asteroids, comets and meteorites of various sizes and forms, which is what this painting has succeeded rather well in showing.

Marios Heart Art original paintings’ main endeavor is to activate a spontaneous awakening to the deep heartfelt impulse realization that this planet is our only home and that continuing our consumption and extraction tendencies will not only damage the only Earth but also spell the end for mankind. Heart Art original paintings need to be seen as an essential tool of the art activist.


In The Beginning There Was Hot Magma -  Original Heart Art Painting

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