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A professional’s opinion


Mario belongs to a category of painters who have learned by themselves the joys and challenges of color and materials. Since he dared to subject himself to the reactions of a rather tech-savvy and spectacle-hungry Brussels public, he has been rather well received by galleries and organizers of cultural events in Brussels and elsewhere.

 The artist’s work as seen through the eyes of a professional

“This artist paints with his canvas laid horizontally, which allows him to give energy to the paint and the pigments he uses.
It is from his way of throwing (literally at times) the material on the canvas that the extraordinary dynamism that his works reflect is born. His paintings are light, fluid, lyrical rhythm. They vibrate and enchant, the appetite rises, the spectator wants to watch, watch more, and again. For the artist, painting is a quest, vibrant and living music, the soul in search of the essentials of life. His painting is an exploration: colors, but also materials. In contact with other materials, these are transformed, the shadow is transmuted into light, the static into the dynamic. His canvas breathes, it lives. “